Welcome to the Oasis Excavation (semi-retired) business information site.

Oasis Excavation has scaled down and is no longer conducting business as “General Contractor”. However, aesthetic projects, improvements, and repairs, of a non-structural nature will still be considered in a case by case basis. These types of projects will not involve contracts.

Oasis Excavation was established in 2009 as a General Contractor licensed by the state of Oregon: CCB# 187430 (retired)

Oasis Excavation has specialized in outdoor projects such as:

  • Driveway improvements
  • Brush and overgrown yards
  • Tree maintenance
  • Retaining walls
  • Planter style gardening
  • Rock work
  • Decks
  • Wood fence
  • Outbuildings
  • Walkways & Paths
  • Ponds
  • Construction using cedar logs

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Questions or comments can be sent to info@oasisexcavation.com

David Church, Owner DBA, Oasis Excavation Est. 2009 – Florence, Oregon since 1979